Front Page

Who we are?

Eutech Engineers is a European company that provides engineering services and technological consultancy: Development of Infrastructure, machinery mantainance, development of softwares programmes, optimization of production, homologation of cars, international management of projects, architecture planning and 3D printing. 

Our corporate purpose

We want the relations we form to be true, to have relevance, depth, meaning. This is a big part of how EUtech see its purpose. We are willing to make ourselves vulnerable and open to connect with people in a truthful and meaningful way.

Our projects

Development of roads in Peru, Chile and Brazil. (Picture: Our civil engineers in a mining project in Peru). 

Field investigation and analysis of lands for a mining company in South Africa. (Picture: some of our engineers in an exploration day in Limpopo)

Construction of mining roads in the andes. (Picture: Alejandro Vilanova in Chavimochic Peru).